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Brighton 10th July

Yacht Quintet
Brighton Marina

10th July, 2005

<-Brighton 9th July Gosport 11th July->

A late awakening to a beautiful, still, sunny day so we have decided to stay put. Tomorrow is forecast for north easterly winds force 3 to 4 which will be perfect but today with 5 knots of wind from the north, the sea breeze was bound to kill the real wind and it did.

And apart from that I was a bit hungover (still am) as dinner, last night, which followed our two French beers was accompanied by two bottles of red and I got a bit silly. So today we woke late and haven't done much.

Click for a larger imageI had a look around the marina and saw this ski boat. Isn't she splendid, and what a nice boat!

Click for a larger imageBut I almost didn't notice her because I spotted this wonderful bit of mooring. I hope you will all, like me, always use this technique in future. And please note that he has used the same knot for and aft. That's consistent.

After such an exciting morning, the shopping trip to Asda was a bit dull. But it had to be done.

We had a pleasant lunch of fresh bread and French cheese and a couple of Kronenburgs each. Then I slept a bit and it was time for dinner.

Dinner was excellent at Pizza Express, one Capricciosa and one Napolitana preceded by some of their wonderful garlic bread and accompanied by a couple of Peroni Azzura. We then went to Weatherspoons but didn't stay. The beer was dreadful and the place was full of loud, 'gor blimey' Londoners so we have returned to the boat for a nightcap and an early night before an early start tomorrow. Let's hope the weather forecast comes good.

The radio problem is a dodgy selector switch which does not always click onto the selected channel. Well it is an elderly radio. We just need to make sure that it locks into place properly.

We also appear to have a battery problem. Neither battery is holding a charge very well and we are not running the engine enough. No solution yet but replacement batteries may be the only answer.

Click for a larger imageBut there has been one terrible thing happened on this trip. I went to shower before dinner and looked in the mirror and horror of horrors, whatever causes Clive's eyebrows to look like that, I've caught it. It's only in the early stages so it may be curable. I do hope so.

And so to bed.

Les Sutcliffe

<-Brighton 9th July Gosport 11th July->