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Fosdyke - 17th June

Yacht Quintet
Fosdyke Yacht Haven

17th June, 2005

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What a frustrating two weeks? Every time we wanted to paint it rained, or blew, or both.

Eventually Clive got a couple of coats of white on the topsides and cabin sides a week ago so we could plan for restepping the mast and a launch, but it was not to be.

To begin with, close inspection of the mast revealed that as well as the lower shrouds which were spliced galvanised wire and therefore possibly older than me, and were replaced, both intermediate and cap shrouds showed signs of damage. They too would need replacing if we were to be sure of keeping a mast for three months intensive sailing. Fortunately the engineering firm Craven Nicholas of Boston agreed to order in cable and make up new shrouds in three days. Still three days later than we hoped, but a week earlier than we had feared.

Click for a larger imageAnd Clive had finally installed the new alternator. But the battery management system seemed to be incompatible with simple things like ignition warning light. And no end of 'volt sensitive relays' and 'splitting diodes' seemed capable of solving the problem.

And now all those problems have been resolved. We have a simple battery isolation switch to separate house from starter battery. And the ignition light comes on when it is supposed to and goes off again at appropriate times.

New shrouds are shackled and wired to the mast. The mast has been carried out from the shed and finally, in spite of near gale force winds, hoisted into its proper place.

And most wonderful of all, this afternoon Quintet reentered the world for which she was intended, and she is now floating docilely alongside the pontoons at Fosdyke Yacht Haven.

She did leak a bit, around the centreboard case and a plank or two above the head, but basically she is tight. After 6 hours in the water she is barely sweating. We just hope she stays that way!

So now I have to finish painting the deck. Clive has to change oil and filters and we must restow sails and dinghy and we're off. Monday morning will see us leaving with the tide.

And now to celebrate.

Les Sutcliffe

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