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Eyemouth 5th September

Yacht Quintet
Visitors' Pontoon

5th September, 2005

<-Eyemouth 4th September Amble 6th September->

Today Orange returned to Eyemouth. Miraculously one could make and receive calls on a mobile phone. Of course the signal wasn't actually strong enough to connect to the internet or do anything complex, but, hey, what do you expect?

Actually that's pretty much all that happened in Eyemouth today.

The fog continues to hold Eyemouth in its dull, dank grip. The rigging drips with moisture. The plaintive cry of the fog horn oozes through the murk as it calls its warning every half minute. And it feels cold, in spite of the thermometer showing a bearable 18°.

Fishermen are everywhere inspecting and repairing nets. Presumably they are not that keen on going out into that pea souper either. And we just sit and wait for the fog to lift, our moods as grey and miserable as the weather.

The sunshine does break through now and again. A light breeze makes little eddies in the mist and the cliffs across the bay magically appear. Then the fog rolls in again and all is dark and damp once more, with just the moan of the fog horn sighing its sad note of warning.

The forecast looks a little brighter for tomorrow, but, then again, yesterday's forecast for today wasn't that bad. We'll just hope.

By the way, I am told that 'Big Bertha' was a steam dredger. I'm still buggered if I can see how it worked.

Click for a larger imageSome of the boats are starting to head out, even in this thick fog. Who'd be a fisherman?

Les Sutcliffe

<-Eyemouth 4th September Amble 6th September->